Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wireless works

My friend gave me a wireless device, Linksys, more than 10 days ago. It was so demanding for me ( a low tech woman) to get it work. So complicated. I have spent three afternoons installing it. But bitterly failed. I felt so disappointed and irritated. Mr. Linksys, why didn't you invent something easier to use than this router. But I thought of my friend who bought it for me and hoped it would make my life more interesting. I surfed the net for computer companies who offered wireless installing at home. The first one was Tran Anh Company, famous, but they refused to go to my home. I had to take the device to their office. Not practical at all. Because there might be something wrong with the link between Linksys and the modem. The second one was Hai Anh Company in Le Thanh Nghi Street. They said they would send a technician to my home late in the afternoon. I could not do anything but hope so and did not forget to remind them to call me before they came in case I and my son were outside playing badminton. Another choice was that asking the wireless shop to install it. I had no idea about that shop. I sent a sms to my friend asking for the name of the shop. I got the name and searched on the Internet. I found the telephone number. I called them and they promised to go to my home and install for me at around 4 pm. A flash of hope. I tried to get it work today as promised. At 4.30 a call from Dang Khoa company selling that wireless device informing me that they were short-staffed today. They arranged a visit tomorrow. I am not available tomorrow: 2 meetings. I asked them to come at 4pm. After that I felt really really unhappy, just wanted to break something (luckily, nothing broken). While we were having dinner, I received a call from a man from Hai Anh Company saying that he was on the way to my home. I felt as if I got a lifebuoy while I was drowning. Finally, a specialist agreed to help me. It took him about half an hour to fix it. And it works well now. Not any more a waste of a valuable thing (not only material but also affection). I can surf the net anywhere in my flat. Here are two photos: my son lying reading Doremon next to me on the sofa and me working on the computer, wireless.