Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is the photo of my son, sitting in front of my desk, talking about the content of the old lessons, so that I can check if he remembers right or wrong before his teachers check the next day. In Vietnam, pupils are often checked on the content of old lessons before learning new ones and get marks. I often spend my evening checking his schoolwork. And we make it our routines. He studies in his room, then moves to mum's study, takes a seat in front of mum, gives mum his notebook and says "Mum, let's start. What is the question?". I read out the headings and he tells me what it is about. When he studies English, maths and physics I come to his room and gives him a hand if he needs. Luckily, he does not always asks me for help. He sometimes complains that mum asks him to do all exercises in his exercise books :-). But if you want to study well, you have to pratice a lot. If it is a difficult exercise, mum and internet are there to assist.

I still remember his first days at secondary school. He did not know that pupils are called to the board and answer teachers questions about old lessons. So when I told him to learn some subjects by heart he felt uncomfortable. Now he knows that mum is right. Thanks to "mum" home tutor, his oral test, 15-minutes written test often get high scores. About English, I teach him and a boy of the same age from 2nd floor on Tuesday evening. I really wish he can communicate well in English when he graduates from secondary school, at 15 years old. A long journey ahead for me and him.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Change in working time

We changed working time at the beginning of this week on request from the government to reduce traffic jams in Hanoi. Now we start work at 7 am and finish at 11 am, in the afternoon the working time is from 12.1.5 to 4.1.5. Early start early finish. Honestly, it has influence on my daily life. I have to get up early at 6 and try to leave home at 6.30. Getting up early is not fun at all in the cold weather. :-( Then I have to prepare breakfast for myself and my son, who leaves home much later than me. I have enough time to have a simple Western breakfast (cereal and milk) and enjoy coffee at school and during breaks I have some snack. I realize that these days I am not wearing any make-up. :-) I must look really modest. Perhaps, next semester I should choose to work 3 full days. So I can reduce the mornings I have to wake up early... Change is always difficult at first. But gradually people adapt to that.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


So I am fully 37 years old now. That means I am one year older than I was last year and L belong to the U40 league.

Since yesterday I have received happy birthday wishes from my beloved and friends. All of them wish me happier, more beautiful and more successful in my work and one person even wished me to have a partner to be not lonely any more :-). To my surprise, my first brother-in-law who is my eldest sister's husband, remembered my birthday.

The day before I entered my 38th year in life I suffered a terrible headache. I felt so sorry for myself. One of my best friends, Van, also had a headache last night. Both of us took panadols and today we met again at work we shared our story. Unluckily, we often suffer it. We just blame on change in weather and high humidity. But perhaps we have "fragile" bodies.

I should have organized a birthday party for my family and friends. Honestly, it is my wish. I can not do it during the week when the time is not suitable. I have free afternoon but my friends not. We can not have great fun in the evening when it is the time for our children to do homework and travelling by motorbike in the cold evening is not pleasant at all. I wish I had been born in summer :-). I also want to have a party with my family but we live far away from each other. As a result, no party at all right on my birthday. However, my close friends and I agree to have lunch together on Saturday and I think a small party with my family on Sunday.

Any wishes for myself on birthday? I wish to get smarter and braver to cope with difficulties I encounter in my life and those I stupidly make for myself. Some moments I feel I am too tired. Some moments I feel I get stuck. And so far I can not figure out the way I should live. I thought I was independent. It turns out to be that I am dependent emotionally and I could not let what should go go. That is why I wish to be smarter and braver after I have gained another year of age.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vacation in BKK Tet 2012

A week in Bangkok passed so fast. We were satisfied with the decision to travel south on Tet holiday. While Hanoi was cold, Bangkok was so pleasant, not too hot, ideal for travelling around. It was really time for me and my son to explore cultural attractions there. Bob was really excited about his first trip overseas. He never complained about walking so much and eager to help mum buy tickets for skytrain and subway. About food, no Vietnamese food, which did not matter at all because he can eat fast food. He liked eating croissants. Every breakfast he took at least 2. What a boy!

Travel broadens your mind. Truly, each time I go to I find something new and impressive. This time they are Reclining Buddha, China Town, Bangkok from the tallest building, Dusit Palace and Vimanmek Mansion and the weekend market, Chatuchak.

I hope that after this trip my son's interest in travelling will be increased. And his travelling experience will be built up gradually.