Monday, November 3, 2014

Separation and merger

What a flexible organization we have. A year ago our big English department was divided into some smaller departments and last month we merged with 2 other ones to form a big ESP department. No one knows how long our new department exists. There were 31 teachers and leaders in my old department. All were women :-). To say goodbye to our department number 5, we held a buffet lunch last Monday. Just some people did not turn up. After a delicious meal we took some photos together. We looked all happy. It seems change does not mean much to us because whatever decision the university leaders make we are still teachers working under the same university 's roof.

Medical check-up

Almost 40 years old and minor operation on my breast in 1997, I decided to go to the women's center in a hospital for a check up. Several hours in the hospital on Thursday and while waiting for the results I went sightseeing and shopping. I went to malls - women's shopping paradises. I did not buy much but could not leave without something as a souvenir :-). The brown bag on my shoulder is my gift. Simple, soft, practical and matching with my suitcase ;-).

The result was good, nothing unusual or strange. Phew... Everything is still OK and functions well :-). Keep doing yoga, keep eating simple and healthy meals and a lot of fruit and vegetable, keep feeling optimistic about life and keeping loving what I have :-).