Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farewel party

I used to be in Group 1+2 teaching first-year students. But in this new shool year, our department made some changes. As a result, I was transferred to Group 3+4 teaching second-year students. However, it does not mean that I only teach second-year students. I still teach first- and third-year students partly because I am a senior teacher. But I have to implement this group's tasks.
My old group held a farewel dinner for me and another colleague last Sunday in Phu Dong restaurant in To Hien Thanh Street, near Vincom. There were 25 people. And we had some fried corn, salad, and hot pot with chicken. I drank some wine. The first time. After a while, my face got red and hot but I was not drunk. :-). I told Mai again that I intended to try to drink wine, which was good for health. Some peole made emotional speeches. Although it was a farewel party, we still meet one another at university. So nobody cried but laughed a lot. We had a really good time.
I asked my colleagues to take the above photo of Mai and me. We were wearing the same colour by chance.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going swimming

Long time no swim! Today the weather was fine and good for going swimming. I suggested going to the warm-water pool. First my son seemed not happy but after mum's pep-talks he agreed. At 2 pm we started the journey to downtown.
The swimming pool was quite crowded. Not surprising because it was Sunday and nice weather. Honestly, when I stepped into the water I could not swim as well as before, just a short distance and break. I did not dare to swim in the deep water. Coward. After a while, I got back the feeling of swimming. I swam along the pool to the end. My son just dived and swam in the swallow end. I did not say anything because he said that he agreed to go provided that he did not have to swim along the pool. Deal. But when he got used to the water, he felt more confident and I saw him on the bank at the deep end of the pool. I encouraged him to swim in the deep water and he did.
I tried to swim with the head above the water but just for a very short distance. Not much progress.:-). I told my son that I will try to swim this style. Other people can do it why not me?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Japanese restaurant

Yesterday evening, I went to a Japanese restaurant downtown. In fact, I have ever tried Japanese food, but at home. In other words, we went shopping for Japanese food in a Japanese supermarket and ate at home. My husband used to work for a Japanese company for at least 8 years. He introduced me to Japanese food. So some famous Japanese food like sushi, sashimi, tempura, mustard, seaweed paper is not something strange to me. But yesterday was the first time I went to a Japanese restaurant. I must admit that Japanese food is extremely expensive and going to a Japanese restaurant is a 'luxury'. Terribly high price. We ordered only three dishes but it cost a 7 digit amount. However, the food was well-decorated, healthy and delicious. I really had a good time there: eating, drinking, chatting and laughing. Yes, eating out is not only enjoying food (normal or special, cheap or expensive) but also enjoying the time we share with our family and friends.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bob's 11th birthday

Yesterday was my son's birthday. In fact, it was celeberated three times: one in my mum's place, one in his classroom and one in his grandparents' place.
I think he felt so happy. His father gave him a toy train, although he has at least 5 trains. Still likes it, what a boy! Huy, my brother's son gave him 2 stories (but Bob also has the same books already) and he also got two birthday cakes: one from my brother and one from Teu and Linh, his cousins from his father's side. (Tue is 3 years younger than Bob but he is heavier and he likes Bob very much. This is a photo of Bob and Teu).
Time flies so quickly. 11 years ago he was born. I can not forget the day I gave birth to him. In fact he was born 1 week later than expected. It was so cold. And I went to hospital in the early morning but he did not go out until 6.05 pm. Poor me. Now he is a teenager. Nearly as tall as me. And this June he finishes primary school and in September he will go to secondary school.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Working again

After a long break we start going to university again. This semester I teach quite a lot, 45 periods/week. 3 periods for third-year students, 10 periods for first year students, and 5 periods for the second year students. I wish myself good health to be fit enough to teach to the end of the school year. :-).
The main course books are Marketleader and New English File (Ele). Nothing to say about Marketleader because I am used to it. However, I find NEF interesting in terms of new things. I once told my friend that I learned a lot of things from English books I taught. They open my eyes and widen my knowledge. Like many other Vietnamese people I do not afford travelling much. But I can travel virtually around the world. Recently, I have had a chance to admire the statue of Chopin in Warsaw, a famous pianist and composer online. He is sitting under a tree. The branches of the tree look like fingers on the keyboard. So interesting. And there is a city called Sydney but not in Australia. And I know the song "three little birds" from English File as well. So when I saw the film "Shark Tale", I immediately recognised the song 'don't worry cos everything is going to be all right'.
Next week my class at Fortuna is over. I think I will miss learners there.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hanoi's flower festival

I have just been back from Hanoi's flower festival, which is held from 30th to 3rd. One more day it is over. Unlike last year, this year flowers are guarded much more carefully, as a result, today they still look very beautiful and nobody is allowed to step inside the display area.
Bob and I started off at 10 am. We got there around 10.40. The traffic was heavy, so many people were at the downtown even it was cold, cloudy and little drizzling. We managed to leave my motorbike in a park at the price of 10,000 dongs. No choice.
Flowers and plants were displayed from the crossroad near Trang Tien Plaza until Thang long Puppet Theatre (like last year). We started the journey from Buu dien Ha Noi (Hanoi Post Office). Old people, young people, children, familes and foreigners looked eager and happy. So many different kinds of flowers there. What was new in this year's display was tulips given by Dutch government. And they were displayed in a 'mini garden' in front of the big time-counting billboard. And a model of Long Bien Bridge and a tram, which reminded visitors of old Hanoi. We took some photos but not very nice because of lack of sunlight.
We finished our journey within one hour and on the way back home, we bought Conan stories for Bob and had lunch at KFC.