Friday, January 15, 2010

Bob's 11th birthday

Yesterday was my son's birthday. In fact, it was celeberated three times: one in my mum's place, one in his classroom and one in his grandparents' place.
I think he felt so happy. His father gave him a toy train, although he has at least 5 trains. Still likes it, what a boy! Huy, my brother's son gave him 2 stories (but Bob also has the same books already) and he also got two birthday cakes: one from my brother and one from Teu and Linh, his cousins from his father's side. (Tue is 3 years younger than Bob but he is heavier and he likes Bob very much. This is a photo of Bob and Teu).
Time flies so quickly. 11 years ago he was born. I can not forget the day I gave birth to him. In fact he was born 1 week later than expected. It was so cold. And I went to hospital in the early morning but he did not go out until 6.05 pm. Poor me. Now he is a teenager. Nearly as tall as me. And this June he finishes primary school and in September he will go to secondary school.