Monday, July 29, 2013

Sam Son with friends

Some days after my holiday in Da Lat I went to the beach (Sam Son) with my close friends (Van and Mai) and their families. We had a really good time together even the weather was not ideal (sometimes rainy and cloudy). We travelled by car and it took us 4 hours on the way to Sam Son and 3 hours on the way back to Hanoi. The roads were newly upgraded, so smooth and nice view.

Van's parents live in the city and Sam Son beach is about 15 km from her parents' house. We had two lunches with her parents: a welcome and a farewell meal :-).

We stayed in a guesthouse near the beach. Not very elegant and modern but no other choice because other nice hotels were fully-booked. Not big problem for us :-). We are used to simple things. The beach was long and clean with smooth sand and whenever I went to the beach it was full of holiday makers even it was almost end of summer holiday season. That means Sam Son is a favorite beach for the people from the North. The children likes playing with the waves and on the beach. I went to the sea once and in the early morning. Other times I just was on the beach taking photos for my friends and their children. My long hair was a big matter for me to have a dip in the water. Whenever it is wet it takes time to wash and dry. I don't like that at all. Apart from swimming, we went sightseeing. Three days together was filled up with laughs.

Holiday in Sam Son ended our summer. Today my friends start teaching again. We go back to our normal life: working at private language centers and at our university.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Da Lat 2013

I have just been back from my 4-day holiday in Da lat. This is the second time I have visited the city of romance. The first time was in 2010 and we mainly spent time inside the city. In 2013 we explored more the outskirts. Green and peaceful hilly city. Only one thing I don't like about the trip was the weather: sometimes rainy. In the photo, I was on top of Lang Biang mountain, highest mount in Da lat. From here we can see the overview of the city.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Learning to drive

I had the intention of learning to drive some months ago. I took it serious on June 3rd when I paid the fee and gave the trainer some documents to register a driving course. Since then I have attended 2 classes. In the first class, the trainer explained to me some important car parts which help to run the car: gear, clutch, brake, wheel, signals, starter ... and how to use the gears. Totally technical words. And yesterday was my second class. At the beginning, he guided me how to turn the car in the driving track and then we drove to the road to learn how to change gears and accelerate and reverse the car. On the way home he asked me to drive the car on the free way, over the bridge and back to the pick-up point. As a beginner and as an approximate-40-year-old woman, I felt really nervous and stressful sitting behind the wheel. However, it was exciting when I knew I could make the car run on the road. I was encouraged by other learners. They said it was my first time but I could drive as well as a qualified driver on the road. Good start :-).

I have made a decision that each summer I should learn something new to enrich my living skill and to make me feel younger :-) (even I look younger already). This summer: driving.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New appearance for the flat

The flat has new appearance: new ceiling, new paint and new floor.

Now I can say no need to modify the flat (until I think of something :-), hope not) any more. It took us a lot of time, discussion and money to make the flat nicer and nicer in our eyes. There were some moments I felt really tired and wanted to give up the attempt to upgrade the flat. However, as a woman who strives for nice and quality things, I tried my best to realize my wishes. I am lucky to receive a lot of assistance from my beloved people.

Time to invite family members and friends to the flat to show off what a nice flat I live in! :-)