Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A big goal almost reached

It seems that I have almost reached one big goal in my life: buy a flat. I have always wanted to have a flat. Saving and waiting and saving and waiting for the prices to go down. Then suddenly I had a chance. Flat prices go down throughout the country. However, it was not easy for me to make my dream come true. I just afforded half of the flat and I had to borrow from my mother, my poor brother, my friends and a bank to pay for the rest. Everything went smoothly except the bank loan. To seize the loan I had to submit so many kinds of documents. And honestly no one likes paper work. I tried my best to get all the documents the bank required. Sometimes I felt tired and sad when things did not happen as I expected. I felt sorry for myself when doing these things on my own. But my friends always encouraged me. And what will be will be. Today I feel relieved when 80% of the payment for the flat has been settled. The remaining 20% will be paid after the flat key is handled to me (in some months' time). Just within 39 days when my brother said: "If Aunt Quyen buys a flat, I will lend you my red book so that you can borrow money from the bank" (15 September) I finished the job of buying a flat. I would like to thank my family and my friends for their supporting me. Also I would like to congratulate myself on all my effort to reach one of the big goals before the deadline. Dare to think and dare to do.