Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bye bye debt

Long time no blog. I have been a bit out of mood for writing. Shouldn't be lazy. 

To treat myself after working too hard in a couple weeks I took this evening off work and relax and write my new entry.

A really good news is that I paid almost all the debts. Feeling so relaxed and from now on no more worry about the bank. I would not have done this successfully without the help of those who are always willing to give me a hand when I need. Lucky me. Once I told my friend that I earned quite good money in the past years but all of them went to my creditors. Paying off the debts means no more money in savings. So, I start from the scratch again to build up my wallet :-). However hard I work I still look worry-free. Even "worse" I put on weight. Too bad. My colleagues say that is signal of ageing. My work-life balance is not good these days and as a result I could find time for my exercise. Time for change...