Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unique features

Everyone has unique features which tell them from other people. I am not exceptional. If these unique features receive good and honest comments, we often feel so happy.
Today, a female student of mine at the center asked me 'How long have you had your long black hair? It is charming'. Obvious that my hair is one of my unique features. :-) because she is not the only one who is impressed by my hair. A friend of mine once declared not to interfere whatever I wanted to do but change the hair style (I mean not long, black and straight anymore). My university students and colleagues also describe my hair with nice words. I think I have got my mum's hair. I have had that style for long.
Another unique feature is my teeth. There is a gap between two front upper teeth. Some years ago, when I went to the dentist's, she suggested that I should let her fill the gap to make my teeth nicer. But I said no.
Having some special belongings is also my unique feature. I remember one colleague said that she was impressed by two teachers in the department who have something really special although they are not be stars (too bright). And one of the two teachers is me.
I confess that I go for quality. And my astrology says that I have a good taste. :-) My clothing items and jewelleries often get admiration from outsiders. Recently, I was assigned to buy a birthday present. I bought a handbag from a specialist shop. It saves me a lot time because I know exactly where I can buy what. It just took me some minutes to have a look around the shop and chose the handbag. Everybody saw it on my colleague said it was a nice handbag. And they said that whenever the group has a bithday, I will be responsible for buying gifts. It is my going for quality and having a good taste and not minding spending a lot of money within my budget buying things that makes me have a comfortable and luxurious-looking life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Juicy eyes

I am sensitive, moody and emotional. As a result, whenever I experience somthing moving I cry. Not many people cry when they see a nice film, but I do. I remember crying a lot when watching "Ghost", "Beautiful life", "Rodanthe Nights"etc... I think it is my weakness.
Long time ago, I read my husband's diary and collection of love letters (my mother - in -law gave to me) when we just got married. I cried. Not because I felt jealous but I felt so sorry for my husband and his girlfriends not having a happy ending even they loved each other deeply. Love when people are young.
I also cried when I read my friend's blog about goodbye to a student finishing his intership in Vietnam. I know this student from the day he got to Vietnam. I did not meet him but I quite knew what he did here. And then he finished his internship period and came back to his country. My friend acted as his trainer/coach/tutor/referee/supervisor. So strange that I cried as if I and he knew each other. You may think I am really strange. In life, people come and go, which is normal. Moreover, thanks to the Internet, people see each other, talk to each other whenever they want. People still feel close even they are in different parts of the world. So saying goodbye is temporary. I have to admit that it is difficult for me to accept that.
This morning, when I got to work, my colleague saw me and asked me if I had been to the plastic surgery. She found something strange in my eyes. So funny. I said no. My eyes were a bit swollen (crying). She thought I had had my eyes modified. I told her I went for natural beauty. :-) Honestly, I was wearing light make-up. That was why my eyes looked a bit different from usual. You will wonder what made me cry. I reply my own sad movies.

Italian Restaurant

It is true that Italian people have excellent cuisine and they have so many delicious dishes which are famous all over the world such as spaghetti, pizzas, ice cream, tiramisu, capuccino ... I don't like pizzas much (just a small piece) but I really enjoy spaghetti, ice cream and tiramisu. I want to be more specific: 'enjoy' here does not mean I can eat a lot.:-). By the way, I pride myself on cooking simple spaghetti with shrimps. Delicious enough for my son to finish his plate.(Don't smile).
In Hanoi, I know three restaurants where you can enjoy Italian food. One of them is in Ba Trieu Street. I have been there. The setting inside the restaurant is cozy, nice, elegant, clean and romantic. The music is Italian or Latin style (they played Enrique's songs today), which makes the restaurant more ... Italian.:-). The price here is expensive, that's why its customers are mostly office workers, businesspeople (white colar workers) and couples. I don't remember the full name of the restaurant, something with Galeto.

Terrible headache

Last Saturday I said that my workload reduced. I thought I would have a comfortable week. But this week started with a terrible headache yesterday. I blamed it on the change of the weather: from cold into warm, from dry into wet, from not wind into windy. My body is like a barometer. :-). But my friend said that it was the result of hardworking and think about too many problems. Perhaps.
When I went downstairs at work to my motorbike, I told my colleague that I felt a headache. At home I took medicine and cooked spaghetti for dinner. I could not finish my plate. I went to bed early after I told Bob to do some work. I woke up some times and really slept after 10.30. This morning I still suffered a bit. I was advised to stay home but how stubborn I was to ignore that piece of advice. I think I am a bit like a workaholic. Luckily, I felt well again, not 100% but 99.99%. The evidence is that I could go to my evening class.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy time over

These days I have been so busy. That is why my blog has not been updated for more than 10 days. :-)
It started with translating documents about some foreign universites. After that, I had to finished supplementary materials for second year students at university. Then I was offered to teach at an evening center. And last weekend I was busy with administrating in the tearcher selecting tests. And I just finished marking listening and writing test papers of 1st year students 2 hours ago. Whoa, teacher's typical work.
I should have taught a class this morning, but I returned it. I wanted to enjoy the full weekend. (Actually, I still worked at home this morning. Hope next weekend I won't be so busy.) I find a bit free time for myself and realise that today is 20th March, 11 months we moved out to the present apartment and that the second semester has gone nearly hafl way. So fast...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Women's Day

These days I have been busier than usual: translating some documents with a tight deadline. Luckily the job just finished this afternoon. So time for me to enjoy a weekend.
Althought I had little free time, I still remember teaching Bob some English. One evening, I felt so sleepy that I just taught him some new words and explained the new structure, then I went to bed leaving him alone with doing exercises... What a mother! I realized that he liked me teaching him. I try my best to keep helping him.
The first week of March ended. That means Women's Day in Vietnam is next Monday. I received flowers, best wishes and a special lunch as a present for Women's Day and will have a dinner with the same function tomorrow evening.:-)
Honestly, the practice of giving flowers and best wishes to women (wives, girlfriends, female friends) is just popular in cities, among intellectural people, among young people. This is still considered as 'luxury', mordern not traditional. Luckily, I am a teacher. I feel and enjoy the atmostphere of this special day. That's why I feel sorry for other women (including my mother, older sisters, sisters-in-law) who receive nothing from their husbands.