Monday, July 30, 2012

Angry Birds

I was not a gamer. I hardly ever spent time playing games online or on computer or on mobile phone. But recently I has been introduced Angry Birds, which is very famous in the world. And last month, I got a very nice and unexpected gift Samsung Tab 2 10.1. That was also when I knew the name 'tablet computer'. I am really bad at what -so-called hi-tech :-). And as soon as I was asked which game I wanted to install on the tab, I chose Angry Birds. Then I like the game. I often play it when I have free time. Yesterday when I was looking for new clothes in a fashion shop I found this shirt with a lot of angry birds on it. I asked to to try it at once and it fitted me well. Honestly, I bought the shirt mainly because of the birds :-).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bob's room

When our children are small and always with us, we wish one day they will grow up and be independent. When they are independent we wish them to be small and dependent on us... My son has been sleeping in a different room almost one year. I remember encouraging him a lot to sleep in his own room but not forcing him. Once he agreed to sleep in his own room but in the next morning I saw him sleeping on the sofa in the living room so that he still saw mum. And another day he also agreed to sleep in his own room but during the night when I woke up I saw him sleeping on the floor next to my bed. My friend told me not to worry when he was not ready to do that and that it would be suitable time when he did it himself. And that was it. 

His room has not changed so much since we moved into this flat. I hung some of his paintings on the wall and put our old bookcase which is full of his story books now and some albums which still make me cry whenever I looked our old photos. 

I just bought one more set of bed sheet and pillow covers for him. I really like the new 'face' of the bed so I sat down and asked my son to take this photo of me. One day we will move out, but each room in this small and cozy flat is full of memories.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My 2nd class for kids

This is my second private class, 2 little boys and 4 little girls aged 7 and 8. They live near my mum's house. Like my 1st kid class, I use Let's Go textbook to teach them and other materials I made myself and collected from the Internet. I hope my little 'students' will find my class interesting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer holiday 2012: Nha Trang and Ha Long

After a hardworking school year I spent a week away from Hanoi. I went to Nha Trang and Ha Long. A long dream came true :-).

It was the first time I visited Nha Trang, a very famous seaside city in Vietnam. I wondered myself why I had not been there before this summer. Perhaps I did not have a good mood for travelling in the past. It has a really beautiful beach and a well-organized theme park on one island. I was too old and too careful to play the adventurous games there but tried one. Mud bathing is also a new experience for me. In general, Nha Trang made a good impression on me and made me more sun-tanned :-). I will go back in the future.

Ha long is nothing new to me but my cruise in the bay is really excellent. I was lucky to be on the biggest ship operating in the bay. Before the trip I felt nervous (3 days on the sea) but I was given so much encouragement. I went kayaking again ( I was quite good at it after my first experience in Thailand), visiting a fishing village and pearl farm, cycling in Cat Ba National Forest and visiting some caves. Ha Long is beautiful and I won't forget my 3 days there.