Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer holiday 2012: Nha Trang and Ha Long

After a hardworking school year I spent a week away from Hanoi. I went to Nha Trang and Ha Long. A long dream came true :-).

It was the first time I visited Nha Trang, a very famous seaside city in Vietnam. I wondered myself why I had not been there before this summer. Perhaps I did not have a good mood for travelling in the past. It has a really beautiful beach and a well-organized theme park on one island. I was too old and too careful to play the adventurous games there but tried one. Mud bathing is also a new experience for me. In general, Nha Trang made a good impression on me and made me more sun-tanned :-). I will go back in the future.

Ha long is nothing new to me but my cruise in the bay is really excellent. I was lucky to be on the biggest ship operating in the bay. Before the trip I felt nervous (3 days on the sea) but I was given so much encouragement. I went kayaking again ( I was quite good at it after my first experience in Thailand), visiting a fishing village and pearl farm, cycling in Cat Ba National Forest and visiting some caves. Ha Long is beautiful and I won't forget my 3 days there.