Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Starbucks coffee in Hanoi

Today one of the 3 Starbucks coffee shops has opened in Hanoi and in the afternoon my son and I talked a lot about it. As a result, we decided to go downtown and become two of their first customers on the opening day. Quite crowded inside but luckily we arrived early and got seated near the window. After finishing half of the coffee we ordered we went home with our cups in hands.

It is not the first time I have enjoyed Starbucks. I have drunk it before, outside Vietnam. Here are two photos. The above is in Hanoi today and the below is in Bangkok some months ago. Missing the moments I have over the coffee cup...

Shortened hair

I made my mind: have my hair cut. I mentioned about short hair with my friend a long time ago and until recently did I have enough braveness to do it. About 20 cm shorter than before. I feel lighter on my head. Phew. Easier to wash it at home and not feel hot on the back...Honestly, the style is still the same but the length is a bit different. Not easy to recognize that I had it cut. When my son saw me he said nothing new. Perhaps I am too faithful to my hairstyle. Hairdressers advise me to change it like modern/stylish women often do. They fail to convince me :-). But they might be successful when one day the god was sick :-).