Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday work

In August I decided to teach two private classes: one for 7 boys of grade 10 and one for 4 children less than 10 years old.:-) My classes are based in my mum's kitchen. I had my old, board, desks and chairs moved there and I bought a new wall fan and intend to hang some of my son's paintings to make the room beautiful.

Honestly, in each class there is one child of my brothers'. My brothers and sisters-in-law really rely on me teaching their children. The teaching for grade 10 is going fine. I have to prepare exercises for them to consolidate what they learn and teach them grammar. Some pupils make progress. Good, isn't it?

About the tution fee? Not much but it does not matter. Sometimes we do things not for money.

Blog website works again

I feel so happy after the blog website works again in Hanoi NOW. I did not see my blog for almost 3 weeks. So strange. I can use the blogger to update my blog but I did not see my blog from my computer. I know the same situation happened somewhere in the world and suddenly it worked back again. That is why I believed one day I would see my blog again, on my computer, in Hanoi... Patient. And today ...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

As fashionable as women

Women like fashion, which is obvious. And in a workplace where a lot of women work fashion is always one of the hot topics to chat about during breaks. We wish to be well-dressed and fashionable. We share shopping experience and information on sales is circulated very quickly among us.

As a rule, when a new school year comes, I prepare for myself some new things to wear. And I go for high-quality. I am not rich to buy things from famous brands in the world but in Vietnam. My favorite brands are Chic-land and recently I choose SevenAM and Nem... However, I have clothes made in somewhere (not quality) and made by my tailor. All are accepted... I think when you pay (a lot of) money for something, it must bring you satisfaction. If not, how little you pay is waste of money. And the most important is that you choose what matches you and you feel comfortable when wearing it.

And sometimes we just like buying clothes but not (hardly ever) wear them. I bought some clothing items which caught my eyes long time ago and almost no chance to wear them because I could not find something to match with them. So putting away in the wardrobe is normal practice and waiting until you find what you need. And yesterday I saw a very cheap black vest for my white skirt, which I bought 5 years ago or so... No problem, never out of date, I believe fashion comes back.:-) I asked my son to take the photo for me in black. Maybe I can not use it in autumn weather but I feel happy because I find a match for my white skirt, no more lonely in the wardrobe..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mua Ngau

Mua Ngau (Ngau Rain) is referred to rain in early July of the lunar calendar every year in Vietnam. The story says that long time ago in the paradise Chuc Nu, dear daughter of the God, was hardworking. She spent all day weaving fabrics. God introduced her to a man called Nguu Lang, who cared for God's buffaloes. The young couple loved each other and were very happy. But throughout the day they did not focus on doing tasks God assigned. God got angry and sent them to Ngau River but on different banks. Each year God allows them to meet once on July 7 lunar calendar. On that day, it always rains. It is said that when Chuc Nu and Nguu Lang meet, they cry. Their tears fall to the earth and become rain. When they stop crying to chat is when it stops raining... Any young couple who have to separate for any reasons and hardly ever meet in person are often considered as Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu. In Vietnam, people do not get married in July lunar calendar for fear that they may be separated like Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu.

Monday, August 8, 2011

First day at work

My first day back work is so easy. Before leaving home, my friend, Mai texted me and offered to buy breakfast for me. I thanked her and said I had it at home. My 'teaching' for today was to introduce students TOEIC and give them the pre-test and correct it. It was a very hot morning. My students kept complaining about the weather because the classroom has only 2 ceiling fans, running slowly. At about 10 am it rained very heavily in Hanoi, some streets were flooded on my way home.

It is always fun when chatting with friends and colleagues at work. Mai and I with 6 other vices were responsible for appointing teachers for each class. We tried to arrange in a way that Mai, Van and me teach the same days and in the same campus, even in the 3 rooms next to one another. :-)

Everything went smoothly for the first day at work.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer vacation ends

Our school year starts next Monday, 8th August, and according to the lunar calendar it is the day when autumn starts. I mark the ends of the vacation with sickness, not serious but I am feeling very tired and losing appetite. After two days I did not take medicine but still not feel better. So today I decided to use Tiffi to make me healthier. :-)

Looking back my summer vacation, it seemed that I have done almost what I planned. Pity, we could not go to Sam Son beach in my colleague's hometown and I could not go swimming often. However, I tried my best to solve some pending personal problems.

In the new school year I choose to work a bit more than last year. I will plan to teach my own class. So, in general, I will be a bit busy but I think I can manage. If not I will reduce workload.

All the best wishes for my new school year.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Every little girls are princesses in their parents' eyes. So lovely, so cute, so sweet but sometimes they bring headache. Obviously, they are completely different boys. :-) I don't have a daughter but I have 4 nieces younger than my son. Three are my two brothers'. Watching and listening to them often makes me desire one... On my nieces' birthday I like buying dresses for them. When I step into a baby shop I have a look at all kinds of pretty dresses and skirts. Completely different feeling from buying shorts and T-shirts for my son, not many styles to choose.

Last Sunday was Ngoc Anh (Bi)'s 8th birthday I went to a made-in-Vietnam fashion department store in Ba Trieu Street and bought three dresses for my 3 little girls (they are wearing them in these photos). I am not so bad at choosing them :-) I hope. They fit so well my nieces. About short hair, I influence my 2nd brother and his wife. I told him that his two daughters should have short hair. They are active, as a result in hot weather they will sweat a lot. If they had long hair and parents had no time to take care of them, they would look hot and dirty. So short hair is best choice. Later, when they are teenagers if they want to look more graceful let them have long hair (like their aunt -me :-)