Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mua Ngau

Mua Ngau (Ngau Rain) is referred to rain in early July of the lunar calendar every year in Vietnam. The story says that long time ago in the paradise Chuc Nu, dear daughter of the God, was hardworking. She spent all day weaving fabrics. God introduced her to a man called Nguu Lang, who cared for God's buffaloes. The young couple loved each other and were very happy. But throughout the day they did not focus on doing tasks God assigned. God got angry and sent them to Ngau River but on different banks. Each year God allows them to meet once on July 7 lunar calendar. On that day, it always rains. It is said that when Chuc Nu and Nguu Lang meet, they cry. Their tears fall to the earth and become rain. When they stop crying to chat is when it stops raining... Any young couple who have to separate for any reasons and hardly ever meet in person are often considered as Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu. In Vietnam, people do not get married in July lunar calendar for fear that they may be separated like Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu.