Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer vacation ends

Our school year starts next Monday, 8th August, and according to the lunar calendar it is the day when autumn starts. I mark the ends of the vacation with sickness, not serious but I am feeling very tired and losing appetite. After two days I did not take medicine but still not feel better. So today I decided to use Tiffi to make me healthier. :-)

Looking back my summer vacation, it seemed that I have done almost what I planned. Pity, we could not go to Sam Son beach in my colleague's hometown and I could not go swimming often. However, I tried my best to solve some pending personal problems.

In the new school year I choose to work a bit more than last year. I will plan to teach my own class. So, in general, I will be a bit busy but I think I can manage. If not I will reduce workload.

All the best wishes for my new school year.