Monday, August 8, 2011

First day at work

My first day back work is so easy. Before leaving home, my friend, Mai texted me and offered to buy breakfast for me. I thanked her and said I had it at home. My 'teaching' for today was to introduce students TOEIC and give them the pre-test and correct it. It was a very hot morning. My students kept complaining about the weather because the classroom has only 2 ceiling fans, running slowly. At about 10 am it rained very heavily in Hanoi, some streets were flooded on my way home.

It is always fun when chatting with friends and colleagues at work. Mai and I with 6 other vices were responsible for appointing teachers for each class. We tried to arrange in a way that Mai, Van and me teach the same days and in the same campus, even in the 3 rooms next to one another. :-)

Everything went smoothly for the first day at work.