Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Every little girls are princesses in their parents' eyes. So lovely, so cute, so sweet but sometimes they bring headache. Obviously, they are completely different boys. :-) I don't have a daughter but I have 4 nieces younger than my son. Three are my two brothers'. Watching and listening to them often makes me desire one... On my nieces' birthday I like buying dresses for them. When I step into a baby shop I have a look at all kinds of pretty dresses and skirts. Completely different feeling from buying shorts and T-shirts for my son, not many styles to choose.

Last Sunday was Ngoc Anh (Bi)'s 8th birthday I went to a made-in-Vietnam fashion department store in Ba Trieu Street and bought three dresses for my 3 little girls (they are wearing them in these photos). I am not so bad at choosing them :-) I hope. They fit so well my nieces. About short hair, I influence my 2nd brother and his wife. I told him that his two daughters should have short hair. They are active, as a result in hot weather they will sweat a lot. If they had long hair and parents had no time to take care of them, they would look hot and dirty. So short hair is best choice. Later, when they are teenagers if they want to look more graceful let them have long hair (like their aunt -me :-)