Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keeping fit: yoga

I like to do something to keep fit: aerobics, swimming, jogging and now yoga. In different periods of my life I take up different activity. Is that because I am not 'loyal'/'faithful' or is that I am always changing or is that just because I like learning new things?:-)

I intended to do yoga long time ago. I searched for information about some clubs and even registered a class but later I could not join. I bought books, clothes and mattress and wanted to practice at home but not easy. I almost did not pay attention at all to it then by accident I heard there was a new yoga club on 12 floors lower than my flat. GREAT. Three times a week I go to the club and on other days I do it at home.

According to the trainer, doing yoga is really good not only physically but also mentally. I need both: good health and peace in my mind.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Make-up with new cosmetics

Today our new school year started. I choose to teach on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so tomorrow I officially start work. I have been doing this job for quite a long time but I still feel excited when the new school starts. As a rule, I often get something new for the new school year. And this year I have a new set of cosmetics (really expensive compared to monthly salary). I got it from Harrods, London in February and when I came back to Hanoi I added some brushes. Honestly, I am not a woman who likes wearing make-up everyday. That is why I just need something basic to make myself ... womanly:-). Well, I can not remember when I last wore make-up and believe it or not, looking at the make-up things it took me time to understand the functions of each brush and each box of powder. So stupid of me. Time to give it a try so that tomorrow morning I will do it faster :-)). So complicated to be a woman.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome Quynh back to the group

We hadn't had lunch together for a long time and yesterday saw Quynh's coming back to the group after her maternal leave. We had a really good time. As women. we had so many things to talk about: work, colleagues, summer holiday, childcare, future plans... We were one of the last two tables in the restaurant to leave.

This new schoolyear we have fewer classes to teach but Mai and I managed to get us to go to school on same days to meet each other more. It also means it is easier for us to have lunch somewhere when suddenly we feel like.

Each woman has different busy life and time together always limited but we always make best of it.