Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keeping fit: yoga

I like to do something to keep fit: aerobics, swimming, jogging and now yoga. In different periods of my life I take up different activity. Is that because I am not 'loyal'/'faithful' or is that I am always changing or is that just because I like learning new things?:-)

I intended to do yoga long time ago. I searched for information about some clubs and even registered a class but later I could not join. I bought books, clothes and mattress and wanted to practice at home but not easy. I almost did not pay attention at all to it then by accident I heard there was a new yoga club on 12 floors lower than my flat. GREAT. Three times a week I go to the club and on other days I do it at home.

According to the trainer, doing yoga is really good not only physically but also mentally. I need both: good health and peace in my mind.