Monday, August 12, 2013

Make-up with new cosmetics

Today our new school year started. I choose to teach on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so tomorrow I officially start work. I have been doing this job for quite a long time but I still feel excited when the new school starts. As a rule, I often get something new for the new school year. And this year I have a new set of cosmetics (really expensive compared to monthly salary). I got it from Harrods, London in February and when I came back to Hanoi I added some brushes. Honestly, I am not a woman who likes wearing make-up everyday. That is why I just need something basic to make myself ... womanly:-). Well, I can not remember when I last wore make-up and believe it or not, looking at the make-up things it took me time to understand the functions of each brush and each box of powder. So stupid of me. Time to give it a try so that tomorrow morning I will do it faster :-)). So complicated to be a woman.