Wednesday, July 27, 2016

End of Summer Holiday 2016

Summer holiday is going to be over. The new school year starts soon. Looking back the relaxing time I realised I had really wonderful time: two vacations in famous places in Vietnam, being with the cute cat and my son's IELTS result.

Vacation in Mui Ne: really wonderful seeing natural beauty here. The resort, seafood, the two famous sand dunes and the fairy stream are great :-). I was also impressed by the scenery along the road from my resort to the dunes. A large flat ground reminds me of a prairie in Europe or USA what I often see on TV.

Vacation with friends in Sam Son: always fun spending time with them. The resort is quite new and modern. We had a spectacular view of the sea and the resort from our rooms. Walking around the resort we took so many nice photos. 

The cat brings me a lot of happiness. She is sooooo cute and likes being around me. I took many photos of her but not all were good because she always moves. 

And my son decided to take his first IELTS. Although he has not achieved the target band which is required for his dream university in VN, it was not bad. Anyhow he know where he stands and has to strive more for his future. I hope this time next year I will be writing about his student-hood :-).

What I don't like about his summer is that it is too hot in Hanoi. The temperature is between 35 and 37 degrees. Sometimes I have to travel around noon and it is no fun at all.