Saturday, August 27, 2011

As fashionable as women

Women like fashion, which is obvious. And in a workplace where a lot of women work fashion is always one of the hot topics to chat about during breaks. We wish to be well-dressed and fashionable. We share shopping experience and information on sales is circulated very quickly among us.

As a rule, when a new school year comes, I prepare for myself some new things to wear. And I go for high-quality. I am not rich to buy things from famous brands in the world but in Vietnam. My favorite brands are Chic-land and recently I choose SevenAM and Nem... However, I have clothes made in somewhere (not quality) and made by my tailor. All are accepted... I think when you pay (a lot of) money for something, it must bring you satisfaction. If not, how little you pay is waste of money. And the most important is that you choose what matches you and you feel comfortable when wearing it.

And sometimes we just like buying clothes but not (hardly ever) wear them. I bought some clothing items which caught my eyes long time ago and almost no chance to wear them because I could not find something to match with them. So putting away in the wardrobe is normal practice and waiting until you find what you need. And yesterday I saw a very cheap black vest for my white skirt, which I bought 5 years ago or so... No problem, never out of date, I believe fashion comes back.:-) I asked my son to take the photo for me in black. Maybe I can not use it in autumn weather but I feel happy because I find a match for my white skirt, no more lonely in the wardrobe..