Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unique features

Everyone has unique features which tell them from other people. I am not exceptional. If these unique features receive good and honest comments, we often feel so happy.
Today, a female student of mine at the center asked me 'How long have you had your long black hair? It is charming'. Obvious that my hair is one of my unique features. :-) because she is not the only one who is impressed by my hair. A friend of mine once declared not to interfere whatever I wanted to do but change the hair style (I mean not long, black and straight anymore). My university students and colleagues also describe my hair with nice words. I think I have got my mum's hair. I have had that style for long.
Another unique feature is my teeth. There is a gap between two front upper teeth. Some years ago, when I went to the dentist's, she suggested that I should let her fill the gap to make my teeth nicer. But I said no.
Having some special belongings is also my unique feature. I remember one colleague said that she was impressed by two teachers in the department who have something really special although they are not be stars (too bright). And one of the two teachers is me.
I confess that I go for quality. And my astrology says that I have a good taste. :-) My clothing items and jewelleries often get admiration from outsiders. Recently, I was assigned to buy a birthday present. I bought a handbag from a specialist shop. It saves me a lot time because I know exactly where I can buy what. It just took me some minutes to have a look around the shop and chose the handbag. Everybody saw it on my colleague said it was a nice handbag. And they said that whenever the group has a bithday, I will be responsible for buying gifts. It is my going for quality and having a good taste and not minding spending a lot of money within my budget buying things that makes me have a comfortable and luxurious-looking life.