Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unexpected things

I remember at the end of "Dan in reality", an HBO film I have watched twice, the main character said something like we could not plan our lives but instead we should be prepared for unexpected things in our lives. Yes, sometimes we find that unexpected things happen to us, which brings us so much happiness.
Recently, I have experienced those happy moments when unexpected things came to me this year.
Firstly, I was lucky to win some money because I deposited my savings during the promotional period of the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. They said that the date they published the list of winners on 2nd March 2010. They gave me some tickets with numbers. I did not think I would be one of the winners. You know I have never bet or gambled or bought lottery tickets. I put the bank tickets into the safe with the savings certificate and forgot them. Then on 30th March the bank called me and informed me of the lowest prize I won while I was at work. So surprised and wonderful. Luckily I still kept the tickets in the safe.
Secondly, I intended to buy some furniture on 1st April. I dropped in Hoang Anh Gia Lai showroom in Hanoi and I saw a bookcase. A big one. I asked if I bought them when they would deliver. They said they were out of stock. I had to wait until the end of April. But when I came back there with my friend we decided to order one more thing: a shoe case. And suddenly a shop assistant said that they could deliver both of them in two days' time because their shippment from the South would arrive in Hanoi the next day. How wonderful. I would have two things I like at the same time and earlier than expected. :-)
And another piece of good news. I sent my application for the post of freelance interpreter and translator to an office in Hanoi so many months ago. In an email they said that after the written tests I had to take part in an interview. It took them some time to give me the tests. I did written tests. Then it took them another some time to give me feedback. I expected for their call for a job interview. But to my suprise, they just sent me an email informing me that I was selected for the post. No interview. And they sent me contracts. The problem was solved within two days. :-)
We can not anticipate what will happen to us in the future."What will be will be".