Sunday, April 18, 2010

A stork by Bob

This may be the last picture Bob's art teacher let him use crayons. In the three recent lessons my son has had to use paints. And it is not the first time we can see the painting of a stork but I still feel something new and ...emotional. It reminds me of Vietnamese folk stories/poems/lulabies. The stork is associated with peasants' life in the rural areas and is compared with a Vietnamese woman: working hard to support her children and take care of her family.
When I saw this painting I think about my mum who worked hard all her life (like other women at her age) to raise my sisters and brothers and me when we were poor and when the country was still poor. Now we grow up but we can not do much for my mum and she is old. There is only one stork in the picture, which makes me feel something lonely... I wanted my son to draw more storks but impossible because the picture was painted. And he said the teacher put only one stork for them to draw. I wish the teacher had put storks in a couple (at least)...