Sunday, April 18, 2010

My new desk and lamp

After I bought a new bookcase, I intended to buy a new desk one month after that. But the bookcase was so nice, which sped up the decision to buy a desk accompanying with it. And five days later I got a L-shaped desk. Especially, my friend just talked about LED lights some days ago then yesterday I found and bought 2 LED lamps. What a coincidence! So now, I have got a nice place to work at home. Honestly, it is so cool. As a teacher, I spend so much time doing preparation for lessons while not at university. A good place to work may make me work more efficiently and I hope it will be a good example for my son.
One more thing I want to share here: the position of the desk. Traditionally, Vietnamese people (including me) :-) studying at home sit in the corner and face the wall. I used to do so. But this time I sit facing out. :-) It is said that this makes you feel more comfortable and be able to overview the whole room, and in my case I can see my beautiful bookcase.:-)