Friday, April 23, 2010

Public Holidays

In April and May we have 2 public holidays: from 23rd to 25th April and from 30th April to 2nd May. Some people we travel and some people work and some people stay home like me. :-) Actually I wanted to travel on these holidays but it is better for me to go on summer holiday (longer time). So how do I spend these short public holidays?
It must be boring if you just stay in. My first holiday started with a lunch in La Cantine with my friend yesterday. A nice restaurant: airconditioned, beautiful decor, French-style, good location, good service. We had a set menu: expensive. But my philosophy is that if it is too expensive, we go once. We also need to gain more experience in life. Right?
And today, my three colleagues and I decided to have lunch together in Seoul Garden Restaurant in Tran Hung Dao Street. We intended to eat here long time ago but delayed until this noon. I arrived there a bit later than my colleagues (even I searched the restaurant for them and arrange to meet each other at 11 am), because it took me a bit longer time to wash my hair (long and thick hair needs more time to wash and dry).
I must say that the food was delicious but the price was not competitive at all. It is a kind of a buffet restaurant and it serves both hot pot and various grilled dishes. And it has got such wonderful desserts: sweet soups. The restaurant is decorated in Korean style and the staff are friendly and useful.
We stayed there quite a long time with our three sons, trying all kinds of food displayed on tables. As a result, after the meal we were extremely full. And we all said that we were satisfied with the time here.
My son ate not very much but to the end of the meal he played with the food left and stuff on the table, as usual. He was charged as an adult. Poor me.:-)
My second holiday will include a pinic to the countryside with my department on Friday. I also intend to take my mum to a restaurant on the West Lake to enjoy shrimp cakes. I tried them but honestly they are too greasy for me. My mum hasn't. She once expressed her wish to try Ho Tay shrimp cakes.