Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Women's Day

These days I have been busier than usual: translating some documents with a tight deadline. Luckily the job just finished this afternoon. So time for me to enjoy a weekend.
Althought I had little free time, I still remember teaching Bob some English. One evening, I felt so sleepy that I just taught him some new words and explained the new structure, then I went to bed leaving him alone with doing exercises... What a mother! I realized that he liked me teaching him. I try my best to keep helping him.
The first week of March ended. That means Women's Day in Vietnam is next Monday. I received flowers, best wishes and a special lunch as a present for Women's Day and will have a dinner with the same function tomorrow evening.:-)
Honestly, the practice of giving flowers and best wishes to women (wives, girlfriends, female friends) is just popular in cities, among intellectural people, among young people. This is still considered as 'luxury', mordern not traditional. Luckily, I am a teacher. I feel and enjoy the atmostphere of this special day. That's why I feel sorry for other women (including my mother, older sisters, sisters-in-law) who receive nothing from their husbands.