Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer weather in spring

Spring often have unpleasant weather in Hanoi. It often drizzles, cold and wet and floors and walls often water. As a result, not many people like spring. This year, so strange that we are enjoying summer weather these days in the middle of spring, hot and sunny. We can wear light clothes. In the early morning and in the evening, it is still a bit cold but late in the morning and in the afternoon it is hot. Such nice weather. It reminds me of the weather in highlands.
Time to check summer clothes. Probably I have to buy some clothes for Bob: he is growing out of old ones.
Tet is over but the atmostphere is still there. After dropping Bob in his art club, I went around the lake. And as you can see, the Tet flowers are still on display. I had my photos taken to prove that we are enjoying summer weather in spring.