Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tigeress and baby

I just mentioned in the previous blog that we (my son and me) were born in the year of Tiger and I also told my friend that I would buy a poster of tiger and child to replace the poster of Mr. Santa Clause on the door to welcome New Year. This morning my son drew a tigeress and her baby in his art class. Great. I don't buy the poster, but I hang my son's "Masterpiece" on the fridge instead. A really nice painting! I imagine that it was me and my son in there.
Honestly, I like paintings by my son (that's why I decorate my place with his many paintings). My colleague, Ms Thuy, whose younger brother graduated from University of Fine Arts, said that she liked my son's paintings, colours were beautiful, something bright, harmonious, lively and happy. Her brother often coloured his paintings with sad and dull colours.
I hope so much that with my support and encouragement my son can follow his ambition, realize his talent and can become an artist or architect. But of course, he is still young and can change his ambition in 4 or 5 years. 'What will be will be.'