Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of Tet holiday

Today is the last day of a long Tet holiday. Tomorrow life becomes normal: getting up early, rushing to school/work, meeting colleagues/students, struggling traffic jams at rush hours and shopping and cooking simple meals.

By chance, today is the day my mother (with some old people in the neigbourhood) is congratulated to be 75 years old. The village's committee held a meeting and presented each person with a 'certificate'. My family also gathered and congratulated her too. She was very happy.

Actually, deep in my heart I felt a bit sad because my mum is older ... Time flies so quickly, her hair becomes totally white. 'Old mummy is like a ripe banana on the tree, a wind can make the ripe banana fall down at any time'... My uncle (mum's younger brother) told us that we should visit our mum more often. :-). In fact, my sisters and I still visit her often.

And when looking at a photo of my son, my brother-in-law said that Bob looks like a man, not a boy any more. I feel happy when son grows up but I also feel sad because he is slippering out of my hand. How complicated I am! I am always reminded by my friend that I should look at the bright side of a matter, treasure every moment we are with our beloved and be happy. I also know that but a bit difficult for me to do so.

Anyhow, hope for a good year ahead of us.