Sunday, February 7, 2010

35th birthday

My birthday (birthweek or maybe birthmonth) this year is so different from last year. It started earlier. Smile. Sounds funny. While I was in Dalat, I was wished 'Happy Birthday'. Last Friday 5 Feb, I invited my close friends/colleagues to my home and had a birthday lunch in a restaurant nearby together. And yesterday I also received a birthday wish with a bunch of roses. My living room is full of beautiful things.
So the middle-aged period is knocking on the door of my home. Yesterday evening, while we were watching Disney, there was a commercial on and it mentioned 'the year of Tiger', my son knew both of us were born in the year of Tiger, caculating our ages. He said "Mum, there is a difference of 24 years between us. 3 years to go you will become bà.' I touched him and pretended to cry 'oh, so old'. In Vietnam, people calculate ages according to the solar year as well as the lunar year. In the lunar year, I am 37 years old. Quite old, isn't it?
By the way, it is believed that those who were born in the year of Tiger tend to be intellegent, charming, dependent, ambitious, strong, and ... But 'Tiger' women tend to have a 'rough' way to a happy family life. Anyhow, we cann't change the birthyear. :-)