Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Terrible headache

Last Saturday I said that my workload reduced. I thought I would have a comfortable week. But this week started with a terrible headache yesterday. I blamed it on the change of the weather: from cold into warm, from dry into wet, from not wind into windy. My body is like a barometer. :-). But my friend said that it was the result of hardworking and think about too many problems. Perhaps.
When I went downstairs at work to my motorbike, I told my colleague that I felt a headache. At home I took medicine and cooked spaghetti for dinner. I could not finish my plate. I went to bed early after I told Bob to do some work. I woke up some times and really slept after 10.30. This morning I still suffered a bit. I was advised to stay home but how stubborn I was to ignore that piece of advice. I think I am a bit like a workaholic. Luckily, I felt well again, not 100% but 99.99%. The evidence is that I could go to my evening class.