Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Juicy eyes

I am sensitive, moody and emotional. As a result, whenever I experience somthing moving I cry. Not many people cry when they see a nice film, but I do. I remember crying a lot when watching "Ghost", "Beautiful life", "Rodanthe Nights"etc... I think it is my weakness.
Long time ago, I read my husband's diary and collection of love letters (my mother - in -law gave to me) when we just got married. I cried. Not because I felt jealous but I felt so sorry for my husband and his girlfriends not having a happy ending even they loved each other deeply. Love when people are young.
I also cried when I read my friend's blog about goodbye to a student finishing his intership in Vietnam. I know this student from the day he got to Vietnam. I did not meet him but I quite knew what he did here. And then he finished his internship period and came back to his country. My friend acted as his trainer/coach/tutor/referee/supervisor. So strange that I cried as if I and he knew each other. You may think I am really strange. In life, people come and go, which is normal. Moreover, thanks to the Internet, people see each other, talk to each other whenever they want. People still feel close even they are in different parts of the world. So saying goodbye is temporary. I have to admit that it is difficult for me to accept that.
This morning, when I got to work, my colleague saw me and asked me if I had been to the plastic surgery. She found something strange in my eyes. So funny. I said no. My eyes were a bit swollen (crying). She thought I had had my eyes modified. I told her I went for natural beauty. :-) Honestly, I was wearing light make-up. That was why my eyes looked a bit different from usual. You will wonder what made me cry. I reply my own sad movies.