Saturday, July 13, 2013

Learning to drive

I had the intention of learning to drive some months ago. I took it serious on June 3rd when I paid the fee and gave the trainer some documents to register a driving course. Since then I have attended 2 classes. In the first class, the trainer explained to me some important car parts which help to run the car: gear, clutch, brake, wheel, signals, starter ... and how to use the gears. Totally technical words. And yesterday was my second class. At the beginning, he guided me how to turn the car in the driving track and then we drove to the road to learn how to change gears and accelerate and reverse the car. On the way home he asked me to drive the car on the free way, over the bridge and back to the pick-up point. As a beginner and as an approximate-40-year-old woman, I felt really nervous and stressful sitting behind the wheel. However, it was exciting when I knew I could make the car run on the road. I was encouraged by other learners. They said it was my first time but I could drive as well as a qualified driver on the road. Good start :-).

I have made a decision that each summer I should learn something new to enrich my living skill and to make me feel younger :-) (even I look younger already). This summer: driving.