Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farewel party

I used to be in Group 1+2 teaching first-year students. But in this new shool year, our department made some changes. As a result, I was transferred to Group 3+4 teaching second-year students. However, it does not mean that I only teach second-year students. I still teach first- and third-year students partly because I am a senior teacher. But I have to implement this group's tasks.
My old group held a farewel dinner for me and another colleague last Sunday in Phu Dong restaurant in To Hien Thanh Street, near Vincom. There were 25 people. And we had some fried corn, salad, and hot pot with chicken. I drank some wine. The first time. After a while, my face got red and hot but I was not drunk. :-). I told Mai again that I intended to try to drink wine, which was good for health. Some peole made emotional speeches. Although it was a farewel party, we still meet one another at university. So nobody cried but laughed a lot. We had a really good time.
I asked my colleagues to take the above photo of Mai and me. We were wearing the same colour by chance.