Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going swimming

Long time no swim! Today the weather was fine and good for going swimming. I suggested going to the warm-water pool. First my son seemed not happy but after mum's pep-talks he agreed. At 2 pm we started the journey to downtown.
The swimming pool was quite crowded. Not surprising because it was Sunday and nice weather. Honestly, when I stepped into the water I could not swim as well as before, just a short distance and break. I did not dare to swim in the deep water. Coward. After a while, I got back the feeling of swimming. I swam along the pool to the end. My son just dived and swam in the swallow end. I did not say anything because he said that he agreed to go provided that he did not have to swim along the pool. Deal. But when he got used to the water, he felt more confident and I saw him on the bank at the deep end of the pool. I encouraged him to swim in the deep water and he did.
I tried to swim with the head above the water but just for a very short distance. Not much progress.:-). I told my son that I will try to swim this style. Other people can do it why not me?