Sunday, January 10, 2010

Working again

After a long break we start going to university again. This semester I teach quite a lot, 45 periods/week. 3 periods for third-year students, 10 periods for first year students, and 5 periods for the second year students. I wish myself good health to be fit enough to teach to the end of the school year. :-).
The main course books are Marketleader and New English File (Ele). Nothing to say about Marketleader because I am used to it. However, I find NEF interesting in terms of new things. I once told my friend that I learned a lot of things from English books I taught. They open my eyes and widen my knowledge. Like many other Vietnamese people I do not afford travelling much. But I can travel virtually around the world. Recently, I have had a chance to admire the statue of Chopin in Warsaw, a famous pianist and composer online. He is sitting under a tree. The branches of the tree look like fingers on the keyboard. So interesting. And there is a city called Sydney but not in Australia. And I know the song "three little birds" from English File as well. So when I saw the film "Shark Tale", I immediately recognised the song 'don't worry cos everything is going to be all right'.
Next week my class at Fortuna is over. I think I will miss learners there.