Friday, February 17, 2012

Change in working time

We changed working time at the beginning of this week on request from the government to reduce traffic jams in Hanoi. Now we start work at 7 am and finish at 11 am, in the afternoon the working time is from 12.1.5 to 4.1.5. Early start early finish. Honestly, it has influence on my daily life. I have to get up early at 6 and try to leave home at 6.30. Getting up early is not fun at all in the cold weather. :-( Then I have to prepare breakfast for myself and my son, who leaves home much later than me. I have enough time to have a simple Western breakfast (cereal and milk) and enjoy coffee at school and during breaks I have some snack. I realize that these days I am not wearing any make-up. :-) I must look really modest. Perhaps, next semester I should choose to work 3 full days. So I can reduce the mornings I have to wake up early... Change is always difficult at first. But gradually people adapt to that.