Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 7

I and my son went shopping in Maximark. I intended to buy umbrellas here but they sold umbrellas for small children. I bought backpacks and a T-shirt. Then we went around Ben Thanh market, a landmark of the city. It was here that I bought 2 umbrellas for me and my son. Finally. I invited my son to try some food here but he refused. We walked back to the hotel. My son remembered the way. We passed a place called Seventeen saloon, a pub or bar (I did not know). It seemed for ‘cowboys’. I took a photo of my son in front of it. We had lunch in Bun Bo Hue, the food was famous but it was not my type.

In the afternoon, we visited Van Thanh and Binh Quoi resorts. They were famous for scenery. And they served buffet with typical southern cuisine. (Unluckily for me, just at the weekend. We went there on Monday, so no food). We enjoyed the view and went back to the hotel.
I asked one of my friends to recommend a rooftop restaurant in Saigon so that my son could have a look at the city at night from the height. The nearest was just 10 houses away from my hotel. I took my son to that place called Liberty Hotel and we had dinner on the 9th floor. Still low. Could not see much.