Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 8

We spent the morning visiting the Thong Nhat Palace. The place was near my hotel so I persuaded my son to walk there. We had been there once. But long time ago. He did not remember much about it. So preparing some water and snacks, taking the map from the reception and we went for a walk. The streets were so busy and hot. No matter. I let my son to look for the direction and I just checked it. So he was very eager.We got there at about 10 am.

This time the visit was different from the first: we had a tourist guide, free of charge. She showed us around the palace and provided us information about the palace and the palace owners. We took some photos here and ended the visit in the cinema in the basement. The film was over at around noon. Time to come back to the hotel.We walked through Tao Dan park and had lunch in a KFC, my son’s favorite fastfood restaurant.
In the afternoon, we went to my sister’s house to have dinner and say goodbye to her and her family. Then she took us back to the hotel by motorbike. On the way we visited her husband’s cousin. It was in his house that we stepped on the scale and I knew that I was heavier: 52kilos. So fat. Result of a week just eating, walking and sleeping.