Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 3

We went to Dam Sen water park, the zoo and the war remnants museum. The water park was smaller than in Hanoi. We, especially my son, had a great time here. First, he played in the children area but could not use the slide because it was for children less than 1.2 m. He ran to me and told me that. Second, he played in the wave pool. Then, he swam in the Lazy River, just lying on the lifebouy and floating away at least 3 rounds. No need for mum’s help. A signal of the fact that he is growing up, gradually far away from mum. Another clue was that he could use the open high water slide. We slid together. Twice. He was interested but I was a bit frightened.

Then we visited the zoo. Although I thought in Vietnam there were not many animals in the zoos, I still took my son here to find out if there were any animals we did not see in Hanoi zoo. It was worth visiting. We first saw giraffes, chimpazees and three toed animals in HCMC zoo. When watching chimpazees, my son threw some plums to them.

We finished the day around by visiting the museum. Hope my son could know some more about Vietnamese history and the war. In the evening, we had dinner in a different restaurant where there was a big photo of Harley Davidson motorbike.