Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 6

I spent the whole day in my sister’s house in District 2. She is my third sister. She has been living in Saigon since 1979. She is 12 years older than me. She has got two sons and a daughter. Now she lives with her husband and daughter and her husband’s nephew. Her sons are studying abroad, one in Russia and one in Australia. She is a housewife. Her house is in a large garden. The garden looks like a small park. She entertained me with dishes in southern cuisine: steamed and grilled lobsters, hotpot, saute pork.

My son went fishing in a ‘mini’ pond. Luckily, he caught 3 fish. He seemed happy and proud of his ‘achievement’. This was the first time he went fishing. In the afternoon, it rained heavily there. Her nephew took us back to the hotel by motorbike.