Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long summer holiday (1)

Last year I told my sister in HCMC that I would visit her but I could not do what I intended for many reasons until this June. A long summer holiday trip for me and my son (9 days). My son was very eager and looked forward to this trip. Partly because he likes travelling and travelling by air. He counted each day towards the day we left Hanoi, 16 June. In the morning, it rained heavily but when we got to the airport at 1 pm, it was sunny. We had a window seat and an aisle seat. My son sat next to the window. He could see the outside scenery easily. We got to Saigon at 5 pm and were picked up. This was the second time I had been there. I was impressed by terrible traffic jams and road work. Our hotel was near the centre and it was located in one of the tourist streets: so many backpackers. Our room was 404, in the back of the hotel, quiet.
After settling there, we went out to have dinner in a restaurant nearby, to a bookshop where I bought a of pack of books and CDs I needed, and on the way back we went to Highland cafe. My son had a piece of cake and I had a glass of fruit juice. Then we walked to the hotel and slept early. A bit tired after a day travelling.