Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cua Lo

2 days after I went back from the South trip we went to the sea with my group. The day before we left I had a terrible headache. Poor me. I rubbed out the cold, took some medicine and rested. You can see the red mark between my eyebrows in this photo. I felt OK for the trip. We left early in the morning, at 4.40. But the bus picked us up at 5. The journey took us about 7 hours. It was fine because the bus was big and good airconditioning. I and my son took some medicine and slept a bit on the way.

We stayed in a mini hotel. It had basic things but quite expensive: 450k dongs/night. It was near the beach, and we stayed there at the weekend and summer is peak holiday season. We shared the room with two colleagues.

When we stayed there, the weather was fine: not too sunny and not too hot, ideal for swimming. My son was in the sea a lot. I could not be in the sea. What a pity! I was on the shore, enjoyed the wind and the air and kept an eye on my son. He was careful, so just played near the shore, and he could see his mum. He could not swim well, even I sent him to a swimming class last year. But he could dive a bit. He was not afraid of water. When feeling a bit tired he went to the shore and played with sand.

While my son was happy in the sea, I was unhappy on the shore. So many vendors offered me fresh seafood, peanuts, eggs, and fruit. They made me dizzled.

The food here was not good: too salty and greasy but very expensive.

In the evening, we rent a bike and went cycling and walked on the beach. And in the last evening in Cua Lo, we sang karaoke with the group.
We also visited Uncle Ho’s village on our last day. About 30 kilometers far from Cua Lo. It was hot and felt a bit tired after the trip.

We left for Hanoi at 2 pm. I spent most of the time on the bus sleeping. When we stepped off the bus in Hanoi it was raining a bit. The beach holiday finished.