Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 9

Last day in our long holiday in the South. We had a big breakfast in the restaurant with Harley. A really big breakfast. I knew my son could not eat all his breakfast but I let him try new food. And we gave the food left to beggars. Then we went shopping in Zen Plaza in Nguyen Trai Street buying things for my son’s cousins: some clothing items and toys. Zen was near my hotel, so we just walked there. We returned to the hotel, got ready to check out and left at 11 pm.

We went to an acquantance in Tan Binh District. He lived in a big house with his big family: his family, his sister’s family and his brother. I had thought he lived in a beautiful and well-organized house (his family was rich) but the house was not as I expected. We ate lunch there and stayed in his family’s room until 4 pm. I was impressed by his son. He was some months older than my son. He liked stickers. He put stickers everywhere in the room: sticker collector. (In the photo, my son was in his bed decorated with stickers). My son played with him and his cousin at once. They all liked games. My son was a bit better than the other two boys. He helped them to pass difficult games so they liked my son. I did not know that my son could play very well.

At 4 pm, we said goodbye to them and left for the airport. We came to Saigon with a suitcase and a backpack. We left it with a suitcase and 3 backpacks and a box. So heavy. My flight was 20 minutes delayed. We had a light meal and went round. My son helped me to choose a bag for me and a wallet for my mother.

We got home late, around 10 pm.