Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 2

As planned we went to visit Cu Chi tunnel and Cao Dai temple. I read and heard of and watched films about Cu Chi a lot but now I could walk there. The area was peaceful. But some decades ago, it was not. We experienced going through a dark tunnel. Really exciting.

After Cu Chi, we went to the temple in Tay Ninh. I did not know much about the Cao Dai religion but the temple was really impressive: colourful. Unluckily for us, on the way back to the bus, it suddenly rained heavily. We had to ran fast but still got wet. I realized that I did not have any travelling experience. When travelling, one of many essential things is a foldable umbrella. Easy to carry and useful in sunshine and rain. When we got back to the city, I walked to a shop and bought some bottles of water and snacks. We had dinner in the same restaurant as Day 1.