Saturday, June 13, 2009


I like flowers. Not surprising. All women (and even men) like flowers. I also like decorating my living place with a vase of real flowers. Now summer time, in Hanoi you can see travelling florists selling lotus. I read somewhere that most of lotus are from some surban areas outside Hanoi. Of course, there are still lakes and ponds in those areas. Luckily. I sometimes buy lotus, just ten. However, unlike roses or lilies, they hardly ever blossom. They are not fresh. You never see the pistil. Today, I have 30 white lotus. Whoa, actually 3 bunches. They stand so close to each other in my crystal vase (even a big vase). This time they blossom and you can see the pistil and you can even smell the sweet fragrance! So nice. When you see the lotus you will feel merciful and peaceful, something pure and elegant. And most of Vietnamese people know the poem about lotus. I translate the meaning of the poem here:
In the pond, nothing is more beautiful than lotus
Green leaves, white flowers, yellow pistil
Yellow pistil, white flowers, green leaves
Near the mud, but not smelling fishy
( The sun is never worse for shining on a dunghill)