Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I remember writing somewhere in my blog that life contains a lot of unexpected things. Some are really nice, some are not. As I mentioned in my previous entry that there are some personnel changes in my department. Those changes are also unexpected to me. After reading my colleagues' emails I realized that being in a powerful position was not easy at all. It not only depends on your expertise but also your getting on well with your bosses. I just feel a pity if our department does not have competent and enthusiastic people. And really sad when I witness how the university treats my colleagues. They worked for the development of the English department as well as for the improvement of teaching English here. So sorry. It is bad news for us when Tet holiday is coming. This unexpected thing has a negative influence on me. Low morale to work. I still go teaching and still teach with all my enthusiasm but deep in my heart so disappointed.

Another unexpected thing is cold weather in Hanoi. This winter we are experiencing a very long cold period with a very low temperature, around 10 degrees. In such weather people don't like being out or working. Luckily I have only 2 working days, then a long holiday.