Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

The year 2011 has come. For Vietnamese people, the New Year in the solar calendar is not as important as in the lunar calendar, like Christmas. However, we still celebrate it. People, especially young ones, go out with friends to cinemas, cafes, bars, shopping malls or restaurants. It is an occasion to gather with your beloved. I also took my son out yesterday evening. The closest place to us is Vincom. A 'luxury' place in Hanoi. We travelled by taxi because my son still had some red spots on the face. We ate in Seoul Garden. In ordinary days it costs not too much but yesterday it was overpriced. Terrible restaurant. Then we bought some stationery for Bob and left for home. We went to bed early, at 10 pm I think. After midnight, I got a message from a student. "Happy New Year 2011"! Surprising message because when a friend of mine asked me if he could send a message at 12 I said no need because I would be sleeping at that time. In reality I got one. I woke for a few seconds and fell asleep at once. This morning I got up just a bit later than usual. After making myself a cup of coffee, I turned on the computer. Work. And at 10 am, we went to a small party. Eat. Going around for a while and back home. Relax. Tomorrow the family gathering ends New Year. Next Monday, I start work again.